I Believe in Happy Endings

Prince!Blaine and commoner!Kurt - a bit of secret-relationship!klaine, set in a society where homosexuality is widely accepted, yet it would still be frowned upon amongst the royal family.

“I hate this.”

The words don’t immediately register in the mind of the Prince of Andonia – Blaine is too busy sucking a hickey into Kurt’s neck as Kurt leans back against the wall – but once they do, they effectively kill the mood. He pulls away from Kurt to look into his eyes, eyebrows furrowed.

“Those aren’t quite the words you want to hear when you’re making out with your…”

But Blaine trails off. Because throughout his and Kurt’s secret meetings in Blaine’s bedchambers, they had never once defined what they were. How could they, when it had been arranged for Blaine to marry Kurt’s best friend?

“Exactly,” says Kurt, knowing the exact reason for Blaine’s silence. “I’m not anything to you. And I know this isn’t exactly the best time to bring it up, but forgive me for not easily forgetting that you’re getting married tomorrow. If you ask me, the timing of this whole thing was completely off

“Kurt, hey,” Blaine laces his fingers into Kurt’s, stopping him in the middle of his erratic rambling. “You’re way more than nothing to me.”

“Ah yes, I forgot, I’m also your servant and you’re my Prince,” Kurt scoffs.

Blaine frowns.

“You’re so much more than that,” he whispers.

“I know, it’s just a bit of a mouthful to say that I’m your fiancée’s best friend and occasional secret lover until tomorrow.”

“Wait, why does this have to stop tomorrow?” asks Blaine, thrown off track.

“I’m not doing that to Rachel,” says Kurt, shaking his head. “I’m not letting you cheat on her – at least not after you marry her” Kurt adds in response to Blaine’s raised eyebrows. “She deserves better than that.”

“She also deserves better than a gay husband,” says Blaine.

“Yeah, well, she needs the money,” says Kurt with a resigned shrug. “And the kingdom needs you to have a wife.”

“I don’t want a wife,” Blaine utters quietly.

It’s the first time he’s said it. During all their stolen nights together, no matter how much Blaine had said that he wanted Kurt, Kurt always assumed that he meant just for the night, and that the next day he would go back to being the Anderson Royal Family’s perfect prince, getting ready to wed the recently widowed Lady Rachel. But now, the very night before the wedding is set to take place, Blaine’s no longer willing to hide his true feelings.

“I want you, Kurt,” Blaine continues when Kurt doesn’t respond, his voice beseeching. “I want you every night, forever.”

“I can’t do that to Rachel,” says Kurt, shaking his head. “I respect her too much to be her husband’s whore-”

“You’re not my whore,” Blaine cuts in. “Never, never my whore.” He gives Kurt a thoughtful look, before pleading, “Kurt, marry me?”

Kurt blinks. He must have heard wrong.

“Excuse-me?” says Kurt, disbelievingly.

“Marry me,” Blaine repeats, and yes, Kurt did hear right the first time.

“Blaine, you and Rachel-”

“Would never work out anyway and you know it,” says Blaine. “Come on. We could have a whole life together.”

“What about the kingdom? You have a duty to your people,” says Kurt. A part of him wants to not care about that, Blaine’s proposal – actual proposal - being so tempting to him, yet the other part remembers his family. He can’t leave his father, Lady Carole and Finn in a leaderless kingdom, especially not while knowing that it’s partly his fault.

“My family would be fools to not give me the throne„” says Blaine. “They spent years teaching me the necessary skillset. Who would they have as king instead, my stepbrother? The kingdom would be safer with no king.”

“You actually want me to marry you, don’t you?” says Kurt, shocked as it finally registers. “Blaine, we barely know each other.”

“Not true,” says Blaine with a shake of his head. “I know that you sing when you shower and use way too much hairspray but it’s because you need to have your hair in a perfect quiff, that flowers give you bad memories from when your dad was sick, and that you secretly hate that Andonia has a monarchy, despite the fact that we have a pretty good-looking prince.”

“Your brother is quite attractive, yes,” teases Kurt, making Blaine tuck his chin into his neck with a smile. He should have seen that one coming.

“The point is,” says Blaine, looking up, his expression earnest now. “What I know about you, I like a lot more than what I know about Rachel which, by the way, is even less. So marry me?”

“I…” and Kurt doesn’t know what’s gotten into him. Perhaps this is just what happens when the Prince looks at him with large, pleading eyes, in which case he is screwed for the rest of his life – but Kurt acquiesces. It makes Blaine giddy with excitement, jumping forward to pull Kurt into a tight hug.

“Thank goodness,” says Blaine, pulling back, “because I can’t stand spending a single day apart from you.” His face drops into a frown, as something occurs to him. “Rachel’s going to kill us, isn’t she?

“Not necessarily…” Kurt trails off, slightly bashful. “I caught her kissing my brother the other day. She was begging me not to tell anyone. Guess you could say that agreeing to marry you is a selfless act that I’m doing to make her feel less guilty.”

“Of course it is,” says Blaine, leaning in to kiss Kurt and smiling against his lips.

“Hey, I just accepted a Prince’s proposal and it wasn’t even as romantic as it is in the fairytales, I’m allowed to believe a few lies to make me feel better,” says Kurt.

“Proper proposal coming after I tell Rachel I can’t marry her I promise,” Blaine says, kissing along Kurt’s jawline. “Meanwhile, there are other ways that I can make you feel better, if you’re interested?”

“Very interested,” says Kurt breathily, fisting a hand into the prince’s curls and smashing their lips together.

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